Commonly I wouldnt buy swtor credits bother autograph about a change like the Hookeychain Allurement [Who are you aggravating to kid? -Ed] but this one is so abundant like something I fabricated for myself a few weeks aback that I affectionate of acquire to post.The Hookeychain is just what it says it is: a keychain with a big allurement on it that doubles as a hook. I abashed something agnate calm from the spoke-magnet from a bike computer. My allurement break into two locations that spiral calm about a spoke. It turns out they aswell spiral calm about a keyring.



As the aback of my foreground breach is covered in a metal breadth (its a bad neighborhood), I can just bandy my keys at the breach and they stick.Or they would, if the allurement wasnt shaped so abandoned one ancillary sticks. The Hookeychain solves this botheration by blind the keys on a cable, abroad from the allurement itself. The diagonally-sliced appearance aswell makes it bifold as a bend for annihilation abroad you adeptness have.



You could adhere star wars the old republic gold a shirt on it to admonish you to yield it to the cleaners, for example, or use it to pin a arcade account so you dont overlook it.$16, in black, gold or silver.Hookeychain Allurement [Molla Amplitude via The One-Dollar iPod Keychain HackKeychain Guarantees Addiction to Ripping Mail ParcelsRadiation Detector KeychainPhotoshop Magnets About-face Cardboard into Pretend PixelsFrikkin Magnets. How Do They Work?